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Buy & Sell 60s clothing

Sweet '69

Buy & Sell 60s Clothing
swingin 60s
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This community is for all lovers of 1960s & 1970s fashion.

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What do I post here?
♥ Ebay sales
♥ Sites for 60s/70s fashions
♥ DIY vintage style creations
♥ What you love about 60s/70s clothing
♥ Please pass details of this community to other ebay sellers of vintage clothing

A few simple rules:
♥All ebay listings must be original60s/70s clothing or good modern remakes.
Absolultely NO 80s revival, high street fashions, etc. They will be deleted.
♥When using a photo for an example, please make sure it isn't too big.
♥If posting a lot of photos, please use an lj cut, details of how to do so can be found here

Have fun! Help to swap & share our vintage clothing with people who care.